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AptarGroup, Inc

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The Aptar family of companies is the leader in the global dispensing systems industry

We have over half a century of experience operating in the ever-changing consumer packaging world. We are a unique customer and shareholder focused company with proprietary knowledge, technical expertise, broad product range, with 13,000 dedicated employees and a manufacturing presence in 18 countries. Our stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol ATR.


Vision inspired. Values based. Leadership driven.

At Aptar, our core values lie at the heart of our ability to envision, engineer and produce dispensing solutions that improve the lives of millions of consumers across the globe.

Our workplace is an exciting environment of innovative thought, initiative, trust and teamwork.

Core Values

We respect and trust people

  • We believe in the self-worth of individuals regardless of their status
  • We strive for relationships that are based on openness, honesty, and feedback
  • We promote teamwork and cooperation at all levels
  • We challenge people to develop their potential and to take initiative
  • We practice business relationships that are based on responsibility and on long-term and mutual interests to all stakeholders