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Appleton shares its history with Lawrence University, for the two grew simultaneously. The close relationship established in the early years continues to exist.

Fur traders seeking to do business with Fox River Valley Indians were the first settlers in Appleton. Hippolyta Grignon built the White Heron in 1835 to house his family and serve as an inn and trading post.

With the financial backing of Amos Lawrence, the Lawrence Institute was chartered in 1847. Samuel Appleton donated $10,000 to the newly founded college library, and in appreciation, his name was given to the community.

Appleton was incorporated first as a village in 1853 (John F. Johnston, the first resident, village president) and later as a city in 1857 (Amos Storey, Mayor).

Among the 36 individuals who have served as the city's chief elected official, John Goodland, Jr. had the longest tenure, with 18 years in office. Dorothy Johnson, Appleton's first female mayor, was elected in 1980 and served for 12 years. Timothy M. Hanna is the current mayor.


The Appleton Assessor's Office, as a professional team, exists to maintain equitable market value assessments and serve as an informational resource to the community.

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