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Antech Diagnostics

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Antech Diagnostics is the largest veterinary diagnostic laboratory dedicated to providing veterinarians the finest in laboratory medicine. We offer daily service to over 12,000 animal hospitals, zoos and government agencies worldwide.

Antech Diagnostics is a nationwide network of integrated veterinary diagnostic laboratories dedicated to providing our clients the finest in laboratory medicine. Clients can access resources such as online results through, the Services Directory, Consultant Guide, and current and past issues of Antech News.

Employees can access research materials as well as information about special events and awards.

Curious about a test your veterinarian ordered for your pet? Pet owners can learn about the benefits of laboratory testing and find out how the results help your vet make a diagnosis.

Antech clients can now sign up via the Web to receive their results online. Visit for more information.


Our mission is to help veterinarians practice better medicine, more efficiently. We do this by providing high quality diagnostic testing, the latest in medical research and consultations, and educational opportunities for animal health care professionals worldwide.