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Another Source

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 25 Active Jobs

Another Source is the source for providing the most qualified candidates to employers within three weeks at a flat rate–guaranteed.

Another Source is proud to be a Certified Woman-Owned Business serving the greater West Coast.

Another Source is committed to helping introduce you to positions matching your knowledge, skills and abilities while respecting your time, recognizing your talent and providing you choice. Using our unique programs, our clients hire us to identify and interview candidates for their positions. Start by submitting your résumé and if it qualifies for our candidate pool, we'll contact you by phone for an initial conversation and may also schedule an introductory interview.


Another Source is a project recruiting team, dedicated to finding the right fit for both employer and candidate. When you apply to one of our client’s positions and your qualifications align with the knowledge, skills and abilities of the position, we’ll further engage you, giving you a chance to put your voice and your story with your resume.

With our unique program-based model, we are engaged for a specific search and a specific time period, where the client pays a set fee for our time, not a percentage of your future salary. That way, we can be objective in assessing your skills, allowing us to build best candidate pool.

As we are engaged in new searches, we’ll review our network of personally interviewed candidates, and should a new position match your qualifications and career motivators, we’ll reach out and share the opportunity with you.

We want your candidate experience to be as seamless as possible and we work hard to learn your career objectives, so don’t hesitate to let us know if your job preferences change. Please check our open positions below.

If you don’t see a position that interests you, click here to join our community candidate pool and we’ll send you a jobvite alert when we begin recruiting for a position in your job field and location.

We want to match your knowledge, skills, and abilities to the right role – recognizing your talent, respecting your time, and providing you choice!

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