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Angel Staffing Incorporated

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing


Angel Staffing is a San Antonio based corporation that serves private, state and federal medical treatment facilities, public health emergencies and leads the medical response for all disasters in Texas.

Angel Staffing recruits medical professionals for positions at private and public inpatient treatment facilities, as well as provides disaster response health care workers in Texas.

Career Opportunities

Angel Staffing is the Staffing Agency used by over 200 medical providers in over 15 areas benefitting countless lives by filling vacant nursing jobs. Nursing Jobs are a vital entity within the medical community. Unfortunately, many of the more qualified nurses go without notice in the booming market, and struggle to find and land nursing jobs that they are adequately qualified for.

Angel Staffing has taken on the responsibility to match the right nurses to the right nursing jobs by looking at each nurse as an individual asset. Being a nurse is such a selfless and sometimes stressful job, looking for temporary or a permanent position shouldn’t be. Let Angel Staffing be your angel and guide you towards a nursing job that is a perfect match for you.


Angel Staffing is a Medical Staffing Service committed to linking experienced and qualified medical professionals with top medical treatment facilities to enrich the healthcare industry and ensure patients receive the most competent and compassionate care available.


Angel Staffing is your resource for supplemental staffing for all medical professionals.

We find local professionals to work for you in order to keep the continuity of care you and your patients are looking for.

Contact Us

Angel Staffing, Inc.
1202 E. Sonterra Suite 501
San Antonio, TX 78258

Email: Info@AngelStaffing.net
Phone: 210-616-9526
Toll Free: 877-816-9526
Fax: 210-616-9501
Toll Free Fax: 877-616-9501