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Ancra International’s mission is to be a profitable world-class leader in the area of cargo handling and restraint systems by providing quality products on time with the greatest value to our customers. We are focused on our customers, meeting and striving to exceed their expectations.

Whether it's pallets, passengers, cars or crates — when you're responsible for moving cargo, you need the best restraint systems available. The security of your load means everything.

Ancra International was founded in 1969 with your security in mind. We started with the mission to improve safety and security for the material handling industry and originally focused on the airline industry. We quickly realized that engineered products were needed in every market segment that moved quantities of cargo, and our comprehensive product lines were born.

Through the use of superior design, quality materials and attention to detail, Ancra's advanced engineering capabilities raised product performance to a new level. And as our engineers worked closely with customers to solve diverse cargo handling challenges, an additional need was discovered - for loading systems. Clearly, not only is it important to keep cargo secure in transit, it's also important to load and unload it safely and efficiently. Today, Ancra products are hard at work on land, in the air, and on the sea, serving all phases of the material handling industry.

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Over the past four decades, Ancra Aircraft Division has emerged a global leader in designing and manufacturing on-board cargo loading systems (CLS). Specializing in both integrated and fully mechanical CLS for narrow and wide body aircraft, our systems are operating in more than 20 different aircraft types. We’ve also built a reputation as a leading maker of aircraft seat and restraint fittings and products bearing 75 domestic and foreign patents, 51 product trademarks, more than 75 FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), and our proprietary Load Analysis software.

Today, Ancra Aircraft holds a 98-percent market share of the loading systems in the narrow body aircraft market and a significant and growing segment of wide body aircraft, and a decade-long record of 100 percent-on-time delivery.

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