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AMS Retail Solutions

American Merchandising Services was founded in 1999 to provide merchandising services for a small department in Lowe's Home Improvement Centers, one of America's most innovative and fastest growing retailers. Since that time, AMS has grown to an impressive force of over 500 employees located throughout the United States and maintain key operational offices on both the West and East Coasts.

Our rapid growth can be directly attributed to the increases in sales volume, the type world-class service we provide, and our proven ability complete projects properly and on time.

Today, American Merchandising Specialist is a leader in our space as we continue to set the standard for excellence. We provide all these services to our customers at extremely competitive prices.


  • Key management staff with over 100 years combined merchandising experience
  • Over 500 merchandisers and field managers throughout the country
  • A complete training department available to quickly implement support of new products and projects into the field
  • Ability, and mindset, to adapt to changes in the marketplace
  • Team of merchandisers with merchandising experience and strong retail experience
  • Employ a full time warehouse to handle all the logistical shipping needs of signage, POP, and other merchandising materials
  • Provide in-store merchandising, structure, and training support (as needed)
  • Field Staff, Vendors, and Customers are supported out of two offices located in Mooresville, North Carolina and Brentwood, California
  • Experienced in the unique needs and challenges of the various Departments including Displays, Pricing, Returns, Damages, Recalls, Non-Productive Inventory and seasonal/holiday promotions
  • Our merchandisers work as part of the overall retail team to provide in-store service, increase sales, reduce returns, reduce non-selling inventory, and increase the ease of which a customer can easily navigate and shop
  • Our merchandisers are skilled Sales Consultants that can handle various ranges of duties from merchandising products on the floor to using suggestive selling techniques to sell merchandise
  • Storage of POP materials as received from Vendors
  • Regular shipments to our merchandisers to ensure timely placement of these signs
  • Any signage or POP can easily and efficiently be distributed directly to our merchandisers for immediate placement within the stores
  • Additional handling of Special projects or additional capacity is readily available and deliverable, if needed

Unique Capabilities

  • Customizable, Real-time Web-based Reports on each Project

  • All Reps equipped with PDA’s and Digital Cameras

  • PDA-Based Video Training Available

  • All Representatives Employees of AMS

  • Performance Measure against Customer KPI’s

  • Supported by Highly Experienced Field Management Team