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American Power & Gas

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American Power & Gas is a dynamic, growing, energy company providing innovative solutions for both businesses and homeowners. We pioneered the "no commitment and no cancellation fees" economical energy programs and our popular 25% rebate check. A leader in providing green energy to the northern United States, we are committed to affordable, renewable energy solutions for all. American Power & Gas is here to serve you. As Customer Choice leaders for the last 15 years, we pride ourselves in our knowledge, service and expertise in providing low cost energy solutions. In these challenging economic times, we’re here to help.

Who we are

The American Power and Gas LLC core management team have been leaders in Customer Choice programs across America for over 15 years. Advanced industry knowledge and detailed research helps us deliver relief to thousands of businesses and homes in these challenging economic times.

Contact Us

American Power & Gas
10601 S Belcher Rd
Seminole, Fl 33777