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American Insurance Agencies Direct LLC.

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American Insurance Agencies Direct’s goal is to ensure that affordable insurance coverage is available to everyone. Whether for an individual, group or family, we’re here to act as a bridge over the gap of obstacles to guide you to the security you need in your life.

We work with the nation’s most trusted insurers so you receive the best coverage and price based on your individual insurance needs. Our award-winning team of enthusiasts is dedicated, armed with knowledge, experience and the latest research, to connect you with health, life and supplemental insurance coverage that meets your individual needs to set your mind at ease.

Our Mission

American Insurance Agencies Direct does our utmost to ensure every person has access to affordable and quality health care insurance. while providing an environment of integrity and character for our sales representatives to achieve their vision as well as ours as a company. We provide quality choices and helpful information to the community in which we gratefully serve.

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American Insurance Agencies Direct LLC.

5566 Broadcast Court Sarasota,
Florida 34240 USA
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