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Alpha Consulting Corp

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing

Our goal, in addition to communicating the benefits of becoming associated with Alpha Consulting, is to provide news, opinions, and resources to assist Clients and Consultants. As with our careers, the content will continuously change and evolve over time.

Alpha Consulting Corporation is an IT (Information Technology) staffing business specialty with the ability to understand your specific project requirements and promptly supply appropriately matched consultants to fill both short and long-term client needs..


"At Alpha Consulting our mission is to help you grow your business by providing a highly talented workforce who can put your needs first. We demand that our consultants and staff work with honesty, integrity, and efficiency."
We meet this mission by offering the following:

  • VMO Process: Offer value by understanding VMO guidelines and quality needs while respecting your needs to meet budgetary goals.
  • Vendor Audits: Our paperwork is organized and accurate. Our results are proven. We have a proven track record with vendor audits.
  • Candidate Assessment: Providing an honest assessment of candidates’ technical, motivational and organizational fit characteristics. Candidates are technically screened where applicable.
  • Motivational Screening: Assess all candidates using a checklist highlighting motivational fit questions pertaining to your consulting position.
  • Competency Fit: Assess candidates based on competency fit areas such as planning, influencing / negotiation, business acumen, risk management, results orientation, decision-making, and others.

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Alpha Consulting Corp.
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