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Allied Sales & Distribution, Inc

Private Sales - Marketing


Allied Sales & Distribution, Inc. is a specialty bakery ingredient distributor and importer focused on industrial manufacturing supply, service, and support. We are pleased to provide support for R&D with product research, recommendations, samples, and documentation. Additionally, Allied provides third party storage and logistics services so that our partner-customers may focus entirely on what they do best… magically converting our top quality ingredients into their delicious, valuable finished products. Leave the inbound and outbound work to Team Allied.


Allied Sales & Distribution, Inc. distributes bakery ingredients, packaging, and foodservice supplies nationwide. We offer four temperature zone storage options and third party logistics services. Sample requests, recommendations, and documentation for product R&D are always welcome. In addition, Allied Sales imports specialty foods from around the world.

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2021 East 52nd Street
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323 589-9380
Fax: 323 589-1996

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