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Alliance Executive Search was co-founded by three prominent DC Metro Area recruiting professionals that have been recognized as the best in their field for the past 10 years while employed by the largest privately held accounting staffing provider in the United States. Our team has serviced a mix of both small to midsize privately held companies up through the recruitment of C-Level Executives for many Fortune 500 businesses. Our mission is simple!  We’ve tasked ourselves up with identifying organizations that take their hiring process as serious as we take our recruiting process.

At Alliance, our team looks to form a true strategic relationship with our client partners and candidates. In other words, a true ALLIANCE! The slogan says it all. We do three things and do them well.

  • We identify and engage only organizations that are truly committed to hiring the best possible candidate.
  • We go out and hunt! We don’t believe in running ads, we uncover the best candidates that aren’t actively seeking new opportunities. This is the part that we call attract or the attraction phase.
  • We Execute! Alliance takes an active role and making sure the negotiation goes smoothly and accordingly to make sure both parties are happy. The advantages are clear for both client partners and prospective candidates. Working with Alliance will result in a smooth transition.
Success is shared at Alliance!

Career Opportunities

Finding your next career opportunity can be daunting and is widely known to be one of the most stressful life events.  At Alliance, we recognize that you are far too busy to check the internet daily for new job postings or recreate a resume from scratch.  We understand that you are tired from hearing about far-flung opportunities by rookie recruiters who have no real idea of what you do or what you are seeking to advance your career.

The job market in the Washington, DC metro area is extremely competitive.  With more available candidates than there are open positions, Alliance cannot actively represent every candidate in the market.  We would enjoy the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with you to determine whether we would be the best firm to work with. While it’s simply not feasible to be able to work with every candidate, we CAN help every professional we come in contact with.  We can provide you with resources to make your job search and interview process as easy as possible, including:

  • A guide on "How to Write the ‘Perfect Resume’" to make your resume standout including “Perfect Resume” templates.
  • Interview preparation guides to ensure that you are the best prepared candidate interviewing for a role.
  • Sample interview questions and how to best answer those tricky interview questions.
  • A Washington, DC market salary guide to use during your salary negotiations to ensure your offer is competitive.
  • On Call:  We realize today’s candidate may be tomorrow’s client.  We are always available to talk with executive level professionals, including helping work through issues such as job offers, salary negotiations, current market trends in salaries, etc.

At Alliance we strive to give every accounting professional we come in contact with a positive experience and add as much value as possible including:

  • Access to the best companies and deepest networks in the Washington, DC area.
  • Personalized phone calls regarding unadvertised positions that would allow you to further your career goals.
  • Ensure your resume is received directly by the hiring manager instead of submitting it online.
  • Quick feedback – Nothing is worse than interviewing for a job and not hearing feedback or status, and we’re well aware of that.

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Alliance Executive Search, LLC
1950 Old Gallows Road
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