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Agon Management Group

Private Sales - Marketing Advertising Consulting < 100 Employees Headquartered in Mclean, VA

Agon Management Group is a privately owned marketing firm in McLean, Virginia. We specialize in executing unique sales and marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. Our clients are typically in service-based industries with defined customer segments. Agon Management Group is most often contracted for customer outreach to complement the corporations’ in-house advertising efforts.

Our highly trained staff are experts at working with people and creating a genuine, warm and fuzzy customer experience. We focus on building connections with individuals, rather than on blanket advertising campaigns or salesy presentations. Our relationship-based approach has been hugely successful and has our clients consistently coming back for more.

It’s an exciting time at Agon Management Group. We have recently been contracted to work on a marketing campaign for the largest energy company in the United States. We’ve grown quickly in the past year and are looking to expand to another branch office. Hence the fact that we are hiring!

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Career Opportunities

Agon Management Group is currently accepting applications for account managers who will simultaneously engage in our renowned management training program. This “hands on MBA” is intended to teach participants the business knowledge essential to running a successful company. Our trainees learn how to conduct a marketing campaign for a Fortune 500 client and receive individualized training in areas such as team leadership, business management, interviewing/recruiting, financial planning, and human resources.

Our management training program at Agon Management Group provides the opportunity for individuals to grow into management roles rather quickly. We level the playing field by starting all of our trainees in the entry level, regardless of experience and education. Individuals are able to move up in the company based on their achievement of black and white goals, which means that our staff members are in full control over how quickly they get promoted. The primary reason for this structure is our core belief at Agon Management Group that leaders must lead by example. We think it’s important for our managers to provide coaching based on their own personal experiences in the respective roles. Furthermore, our performance-based advancement structure plays perfectly well to the needs of our goal-oriented and competitive-minded team. A win all around!

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, we’d love to hear from you! You may apply through Careerbuilder, or if you’d rather email us your resume, you can send it to 

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Agon means “competitive” in Greek. At Agon Management Group you’ll find a high energy, team-oriented group of people who love to win. Many of us come from athletic and military backgrounds, so it goes without saying that we thrive on healthy competition!

We are a diverse team with staff members hailing from around the globe – China, Ghana, Korea, Nigeria, and throughout the United States. We are an incredibly close-knit group who is united by our dreams, goals, passions, and a love for what we do. If you visit our office, it will take you all of three seconds to pick up on our tangible energy and excitement!

You’ll think it sounds trite, but at Agon Management Group people actually enjoy coming to work. We take great pride in our unusual work environment, in which there are no cubicles or tired and mopey faces. We place a tremendous emphasis on building excellent working relationships, and we’re definitely always laughing.

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