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AFCO AvPorts Management LLC

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We’ve built a reputation of innovation, integrity, and excellence with our clients who know they can count on our expertise and trust us to get the job done right. We have a long-standing, proven track record of successful projects and our simple goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Today, our services include the management of airports, the development, design, financing, leasing, and marketing of terminals, cargo, maintenance and other support facilities, fixed-base and general aviation facilities, cross-dock facilities, aircraft aprons, parking facilities and other transportation infrastructure. We have grown, adapted and changed with the industry, but we have never lost sight of our mission: to provide the very best in airport management and infrastructure development and management for companies in the business of moving passengers, cargo, or freight.

Our Services

If you provide transportation services for people, cargo, or freight, you know the importance of customer service and having the right facilities in the right location. In fact, well-positioned and maintained facilities can strengthen your customer relationships and, at the same time, improve your bottom line. Quite simply, improving facilities often leads to increased profitability and more effecient operations.

That’s where AFCO can play a valuable role. We have first-hand experience in managing and acquiring existing airports and facilites, building new facilities, and managing them all. Transportation projects typically feature multiple challenges, such as project structuring, securing financing, managing design and construction, negotiating leases, marketing and more. We do it all—and, as our record of steady growth attests, we do it well.

At AFCO, we are dedicated to acquiring and developing airports and acquiring and building facilities that are operationally-efficient, cost-effective and easily expandable.

In the facilities arena, we begin by meeting with you to understand your business and operations and work with you to plan the required facility and select the site. We then engage and guide the architects, engineers, and contractors through the design and construction process, all of which is backed by smart and creative financing. In short, we manage the entire process to ensure you get exactly the facilities you need.

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