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Advantage Tech

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 14 Active Jobs

At Advantage Tech, our mission transcends filling job openings. Our goal is to create lasting relationships that benefit both candidate and employer. For job seekers, we present opportunities for growth and professional development. For employers, we bring that missing piece of the puzzle, a candidate who remains an asset to the organization over the long run.

Our staffing roots run deep and originate from a unique perspective. Our founder, Andrew Marquardt, was a human resources attorney in the early 1990s. His clients were required to provide evidence they were attempting to find employment, to lessen their job loss claims. Marquardt and his clients scoured job opportunities to show every effort was being made to replace lost income. In essence, he was acting as a recruiter. The real “ah ha” moment came when he saw how happy people were to find new jobs, happily close their cases and move on to better chapters in their lives. This shift, from litigation to landing jobs, was the seed of Advantage Tech.

With his hands-on human resources and legal background, Marquardt founded a staffing firm in the mid-1990s with his brother-in-law, David O’Brien. A veteran of the IT staffing industry, O’Brien has been instrumental in our success. For the almost 20 years, Advantage Tech has been filling thousands of jobs all over the United States and abroad. Marquardt continues to act as CEO and General Counsel, while O’Brien is President and COO.

Our Community Involvement

Over the years, ATI has been instrumental in helping charities such as Solace House (a place for grieving families), Amethyst Place (a home for destitute mothers), Turning Point (helping families in crisis), Sunflower House (uncovering abuse), KCCVI (helping the visually impaired), the Boulevard Free Health Clinic (aiding those who cannot afford healthcare), Walk for PKD, and a host of other small charities in the Kansas City area.


Internal Recruiters
Traditionally, IT staffing professionals enter the business through the recruiting ranks. After learning the ropes through our training and mentoring program, each recruiter is given enormous opportunity to grow in the technical arena and one day move into a business development role, and even branch management, opening a new office. If you think you’re up to the demands of the fast-paced, competitive and hard charging IT staffing world, give us a call or email us. We’d love to visit with you.

Internal Business Development Positions
We are currently looking for eager, hardworking individuals with a passion to grow into solid staffing specialists, and eventually branch mangers. We provide training and mentoring for each new employee, whether they come on board as recruiters or business developers. Once you’ve learned the ropes of the business and demonstrate an aptitude to conceptualize the IT staffing issues faced by clients of all sizes, then we want you to dive in to the world of business development. If you’re interested in such a career opportunity, whether growing organically through Advantage Tech, or through commensurate experience in the industry, give us a call or email. It may be a great, life-changing opportunity.

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