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Adapt of America

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Adapt of America is a family of companies providing services to persons with mental illness. Since 1982, Adapt has filled gaps in services for people in need of non-traditional methods of treatment and rehabilitation. We specialize in tailoring services to individuals. We work in partnership with clients, families, and support networks. Our services include Community Support, Clinic Services, Emergency and Crisis Services, Residential Services, Transitional Living, and Day Programs.

Why Adapt?

Recovery is a process by which individuals recover self-esteem, dreams, pride, choice, dignity, and meaning. At Adapt, recovery is about treating the whole person, building on strengths, and instilling hope and healing to function at an optimal level, thereby enabling individuals to take responsibility for their lives.

Recovery refers to the ways in which a person with a mental illness and/or addiction experiences and manages his or her disorder in the process of maintaining and/or reclaiming his or her life in the community. Recovery does not necessarily mean cure or elimination of the effects of the illness/addiction, and may mean living with the effects of medications or accommodations required to function to the person’s full potential.

Recovery-oriented care is what psychiatric and addiction treatment and rehabilitation practitioners offer in support of the person’s recovery. A recovery-oriented system of care identifies and builds on each person’s assets, strengths, and areas of health and competence to support the person in achieving a sense of mastery over mental illness and/or addiction while maintaining or regaining his or her life and a meaningful, constructive sense of membership in the broader community.

Adapt Services

• Clinic Services
• Community Support
• Day Programs
• Emergency and Crisis Services
• Residential Services
• Transitional Living