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Acuity Professional Placement Solutions

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Acuity Professional Placement Solutions (APPS) is transforming the future of professional recruiting services. We are continuing to change the way our clients and professionals think about recruiting. We are the forerunner in every facet of the recruiting world. We do this by making sure that in every interaction we focus on client and professionals alike with acuity.

Career Opportunities

Search below for your next healthcare career.

As a trusted employment partner to many of the nation’s top healthcare organizations, our team of healthcare recruiters is able to match you with opportunities to advance your career in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Use our dynamic search form below to search for your next career.

How we work

Recruiting is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. Even with that, there are huge gaps between employers and employees. As we engage clients and candidates, we have a vision of a recruiting landscape where clients and employees alike are revered for what they are…people! Whether an employer or an employee, we continue to find the fit that is elusive to most companies.