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Actus Consulting Group Inc

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing

Our Philosophy

The business activities of Actus Consulting Group, Incorporated are founded upon the principle of bringing a personal touch to the field of human resources, and we are firmly committed the mission of helping industry and career-seeking professionals to form mutually beneficial relationships.

The Value of human capital as an indispensable industrial resource has proven to be immutable through the ages.

This being said, we must also acknowledge the unavoidable losses that are to be incurred due to occasional instances of incompatibility and miscommunication. In recognition of the mutual dependency of industry and labor, Actus Consulting Group acts as a forward-thinking intermediary with the goal of assisting both sides in the attainment of career advancement and human resources objectives. By placing qualified consulting specialists on both sides of the equation, we are able to ensure fast and reliable service to the satisfaction of all involved parties while carefully considering the needs of each.

Neither the notion nor reality of employment is limited to the exertion of labor.

In cases where we find highly motivated registrants possessed of an abundance of entrepreneurial spirit, Actus Consulting supports these professionals in the establishment of start-up ventures. For example, though a person may have an excellent business idea, he or she may lack the know-how and experience adequate allow to proper execution. We provide an invaluable service in representing such individuals by connecting them with like-minded professionals with the goal of making dreams become reality!

Why Actus?

Crème de la Crème Selection Process

Our recruiters are expert in industry trends, job markets and changes in labor and immigration laws that may affect our clients’ hiring. We believe in a rigorous screening process—we only introduce candidates whom our recruiters have screened in person. For those who can not come in for an interview due to geographic limitations, we interview via web camera or by phone.

Placement, however, is not our only job.

Our recruiters keep in touch with the candidates after they have completed their employment to assist them in achieving their career goals.