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ActionLink specializes in several key areas:

  • Merchandising - making sure your product is displayed, compliant and functional so it gets you noticed and sold. And for those tough, above and beyond jobs, you can depend upon our M+ team to rise to the occasion
  • Market Development - mentor your sales associates so they have thorough understanding of new products and technologies in the marketplace
  • Assisted Selling - whether it’s a busy weekend, a critical holiday or “drive time period”, you can turn to our expert sales team to help cover the floor, supplement your own sales force – and generate more revenue
  • Elite training - using our extensive grasp on the industry and knowledge of products, we can rally and excite your retail sales associates, expand your team’s product, service and category knowledge, and teach sales strategies and techniques that’ll generate profits.
  • We also use The Pulse - A revolutionary online interactive training tool that increases the connectivity between retail employees and the manufacturers — and creates an ongoing conversation — so the learning experience is able to evolve and change as quickly as the market, ultimately creating an experience that is interesting and stimulating.

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We exceed every customer expectation by delivering a differentiated customer experience through integrated and innovative strategies.

Our business has grown and evolved, but our mission has remained constant from our humble beginnings in 1996. It’s what sets us apart; it’s what helps us create results; it’s what makes ActionLink a dynamic – even fun – place to work: and it’s something we remind ourselves every single day.

By hiring and empowering talented and ambitious people and providing them with the newest and most insightful training techniques and methods, we’re ideally suited to find the business solution that meets our clients’ exact needs – and fuels their success, now and into the future.


2279 Romig Road Akron,
Ohio 44320-3823
United States

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