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Act Inc

Act Inc is an immersive marketing company that specialises in bringing brands and stories to life. People buy based on emotion; the best ad campaigns are the ones that take you on a journey. Imagine if you could bring that narrative arc to life and immerse your target audience in it. Welcome to Act Inc.

By Acting out your brand or message, we can breathe life into stale campaigns, reinvigorate your audience and help reanimate your bottom lines. Our goal is to build a level of intrigue and desire about your brand until your audiences Act on it and become customers!

We are versatile enough to be able to create and run live marketing campaigns to suit virtually any need, from corporate to trade shows, from breaking a product or service to having a specialist retention team engage your existing customer base. Just tell us your modus operandi and we will create it.

As a start up we cherish our client portfolio. Each account is assigned its own Act manager, who will personally preside over your brand and the team working on your campaign. Our strategies will be bespoke-designed for you, either working within an existing remit or creating a new approach from scratch. We will Act as if your work is our own, pouring the same care and attention into your campaign until we meet your objectives.


We believe in investing in our people. Recent Harvard Business Review studies show that the current generation of job seekers value the opportunity to learn and grow more than anything else. We have created an environment where creativity and personal development can flourish, where our team can feel motivated to come in and work hard everyday, whilst having unfettered access to the senior team for mentorship and guidance. ‘Work hard / play hard’ is a tired cliche, but we feel that if our team is comfortable they’re productive. Great work requires risk taking, so we’ve nurtured an environment where people feel emboldened to make aggressive mistakes and contribute new ideas.

Why Choose Act Inc?

The world of outsourcing is a tough one. How can you be sure that your campaign will produce the results you’re looking for without compromising on the portrayal and values of your brand? Act Inc has a proven track record of delivering across the board:

Driving your bottom line
By charging per acquisition, not per exposure, Act Inc can guarantee your return on investment. We provide long-term customers, who carry a lifetime value. In fact we’re so confident in our ability to establish long term relationships between your brand and your customers that we’ll pay you the money back if we don’t come through for you.

Increasing Market Share
We will increase and maintain your market share not just through our acquisitions channel, but our renewal channel too. We are equally as adept at dealing with existing customers as we are with new customers. Consumers are savvy and expect a certain level of service. We provide that through our love marketing channels, bringing you brand to life through face to face interactions.

Enhancing your brand
By providing an interactive, engaging experience around your brand, we can alter, shift and create a perception of what it stands for. The precision our marketing channels allow us means that we can offer far more precision that traditional avenues to market.

Increasing Awareness
We can scale out campaigns within a matter of days. Our goal is to reach every single person within your chosen market. We can reach up to 50,000 people and Act out your brand message to them from just one market and one team. When we scale that to multiple markets and teams it creates a home run win for your outreach.