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Accountants One

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Accountants One began in 1973, on the 22nd floor of 230 Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta. The operation was so successful that the owner franchised several locations in the northeast. It was then known as Accountants One / Bookkeepers UnLimited. The original owner moved to the west coast and opened 8 offices.

Caught between a poor economy and ownership residing in Detroit, the Atlanta operation declined. In 1983, Bert Erling purchased half of the Atlanta operation from Linda Hoffman and became the managing partner. He opened the Dunwoody office in 1985 and purchased the balance of the operation. The Conyers satellite office was opened in 1998.

In 1997 Bert's son, Dan became involved in the company. The combination of father and son has been successful and the company has doubled its sales in the last four years. The 2001 sales for Accountants One were over $2 million dollars (for the second year in a row).

The focus of Accountants One has always been on relationship building and long-term thinking. Accountants One continually strives to find like-minded individuals who excel in the fields of Accounting and Finance. By retaining a dedication to honesty, integrity and confidentiality we believe that Accountants One will continue to grow, constantly striving to be the best financial and accounting placement firm in the Atlanta area.


Accountants One's recruiters are trained in the art of recruiting and evaluating candidates. As a result, Accountants One is able to locate, recruit, and assist your company in acquiring the highest caliber accounting and financial professionals.

Through a series of questions, Accountants One uncovers the long and short-term goals of our candidates, while concurrently assessing the VALUE of a candidate's skills. By continually and consistently doing this, we have developed a database populated with accounting and financial rarities who cost justify themselves. And because we understand the goals of these candidates, we are able to make the right matches.

Accountants One is an accounting and financial RECRUITING firm. That means that we are constantly striving to recruit talent. While there are many search firms throughout Atlanta, our distinction as an accounting and financial recruiting firm separates us from our competition. This, combined with our passionate dedication to customer service makes the Accountants One difference.

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1866 Independence Square
Atlanta, GA 30338
Phone: 770.395.6969
Fax: 770.395.0398

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Job Openings

Staff Accountant
Accountants One GA - Stockbridge
$48k - $53k/year
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Revenue Cycle Follow up Manager
Accountants One GA - Athens
$90k - $105k/year
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Part Time Bookkeeper
Accountants One GA - Woodstock
$23.00 - $30.00/hour
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Accountants One SC - Rock Hill
$87k - $110k/year
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Tax Manager
Accountants One GA - Fayetteville
$80k - $100k/year
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Accounting Manager
Accountants One GA - Atlanta
$90k - $100k/year
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Administrative Assistant
Accountants One GA - Marietta
$55k - $70k/year
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Denials Underpayment Representative
Accountants One GA - Atlanta
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Medical Billing Representative
Accountants One GA - Marietta
$35k - $45k/year
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Accounting Manager
Accountants One NC - Gastonia
$75k - $90k/year
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