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Access Staffing, LLC

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Access Staffing specializes in the career placement of Contract / Temporary and Permanent / Full-Time roles throughout various disciplines. Our philosophy and team of dedicated professionals have made Access Staffing the largest privately held staffing firm in the tri-state area, servicing the smallest of startups and the largest of Fortune 500 companies. Our strategic staffing and vendor management team expands our services Nationally. Our success is driven by our passion for people, and a focus on building long-term business relationships. Call us today – we invite you to tell us what your business needs are, so we can find you the right professionals to strengthen your company!

Who We Are

If you are an existing customer, I would like to thank you for your years of loyalty and support. You have made Access one of the largest regional staffing firms in the New York area. We remain committed to serving you. If you are new to Access, let me briefly explain our business philosophy. Our mission is to become your human resources partner by providing immediate, effective staffing solutions to keep pace with your evolving needs. In this partnership, we will help you determine the most efficient solutions to your staffing challenges. Sometimes we do this by supplementing your workforce with outsourced employees through consulting, contingency or temporary personnel. We also provide a full spectrum of recruiting and full time placement services. Access delivers a precise response to fit your long and short-term objectives. We distinguish ourselves through our personal commitment to your requirements; we recognize that the employees we provide to you represent us and that they will-inevitably-influence your impressions of Access. Our primary objective is to get it right and save you time, money and aggravation. We are very good at what we do.

Payroll processing

Utilizing Access Payroll Services will free your company from administrative burdens as well as legal obligations, of payroll processing. Your company will be able to concentrate on core business, with the additional benefits of improved timekeeping strategies and guaranteed compliance with every aspect of unemployment insurance and workers' compensation obligations. This can be especially important if your current payroll processing occurs in multiple locations. With Access Payroll Services, you can count on consistent and uniform application of all federal, state, and local legal obligations. We handle every aspect of the process–from preparing documentation for your review to delivering final paychecks. The time you save in addition to the improved application and cost-control benefits more than offsets the service fees. Access will customize a service to accommodate your individual business needs and concerns. We will provide clean, easy-to-understand weekly invoicing for improved accuracy and record keeping. Access will also handle every payroll-related employee issue and concern, including creating customized enrollment packets and providing access to payroll experts to answer employee questions.

Contact Us

25 Melville Park Rd, Suite 115
Melville, NY, 11747
Tel. 631.777.2800
Fax. 631.719.9391