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Access Media Holdings, LLC

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Access Media Holdings (AMH) announced the launch of UpStream
Network, a new high-speed, fiber-based broadband platform specifically designed
for the multi-family market.
was developed to provide users with a concierge-quality experience at the fastest
speeds, supported by first-class service and technical support, and the first cloud-based
smart network especially designed for the multi-dwelling unit (MDU) market.
UpStream is the first platform of its kind in the industry
offering residents the ability to choose their own customized, unbundled TV
packages, including content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, CBS All Access,
and more. Leveraging AMH’s nationwide 10 Gigabit fiber backbone, the platform’s
powerful capabilities will also allow users to discover, view, and stream their
content to any device they choose over a wireless or wireline network. 
Positioned to be integrated with the Internet of Things, UpStream’s
cloud-based platform allows residents to connect all their smart home devices
such as smart TVs, appliances, and utilities to its streamlined platform, for
centralized access control. At a streaming bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps (gigabit),
UpStream’s lightning speed internet runs well above the rate of average market
speeds, all over a secure, enterprise-grade network to provide optimal privacy
“UpStream provides the multi-family market with a boutique,
concierge-quality broadband experience that it demands,” said Bryan Rader,
President of UpStream and Chief Marketing Officer of Access Media Holdings. “It’s
unlike anything out there, and we think it’s a game-changer for the industry.”
The elegant platform’s industry-leading concierge quality is also backed
by live, 24/7 in-house tech and highly-skilled customer support desk based out
of its US headquarters, ensuring attentive service and quality guarantees. UpStream’s
experienced team of top engineers, with a combined 100+ years of engineering
experience in multi-family technology, will offer same-day service
appointments, text alerts and updates, and a personalized approach tailored to
each multi-family community’s needs.
“I have been in the multi-family business for 30 years and have
seen the importance of technology in our business increase significantly over
that time, especially with our apartment residents,” said Greg O’Berry, COO,
JVM Realty Corporation.  “What Upstream Network has developed gives
property owners what they need to enhance their amenity package and services to
their customers."

UpStream will kick off in the Chicagoland and
Southeast Florida regions, with expansion to future markets expected in late 2017.
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Access Media Holdings, LLC 900 Commerce Drive,
Suite 200,Oakbrook,
IL 60523

PHONE: 1-630-230-0555
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About UpStream Network

Upstream Network is a new broadband platform designed specifically for the multi-family industry by Access Media Holdings, LLC. UpStream’s industry-leading network offers comprehensive Internet in combination with AMH TV packages and alongside personalized guidance to help property managers develop a tailored solution for their residents’ broadband preferences with customized content, concierge-quality service and maximum encrypted security. With an in-house, 24/7 U.S.-based customer support team, UpStream provides end-to-end service for communities across different types of properties, including design, installation, maintenance, and service management. Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, UpStream serves 900+ properties across the nation, with hubs in Chicago and Florida. For more information, visit online at www.upstream.networks.

About Access Media Holdings

Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, Access Media Holdings, is the U. S.’ leading provider of comprehensive Internet, and TV for multi-dwelling unit properties, including design, installation, maintenance and service management. Led by a team of industry veterans, AM3 prides itself on offering flexible, tailor-made service packages through strong project management and property-specific solutions based upon wiring and technology needs.