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Able Medical Transportation

Public Healthcare - Health Services 100 - 250 Employees 4 Active Jobs

Since 1984, Able Medical Transportation has been involved in providing lifesaving ambulance service to Municipalities. Able Medical Transportation, Inc. has pioneered cost-effective solutions and agreements that preserve the integrity of the Volunteer First Aid Squads as well as the private ambulance industry.


Our philosophy at Able Medical Transportation is based upon the respect for the dignity of man. We believe that each person has the right to continued independence during health care and illness.

We have undertaken the responsibility for helping man to attain his highest potential by providing transportation to the medically handicapped. We are committed to providing professional service being always conscious of the needs of our clientele.

We continually strive to maintain this professionalism through competence in the service we provide.


Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, you can count on Able Medical Transportation to provide emergency and non-emergency ambulance services to and from hosptials, long term care facilities, municipalities, institutions, private homes, and clinics. Stand-by service for athletic and special events is also available.