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3PLR LLC - Logistics Consulting & Recruiting

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From supply chain analysis to recruiting top talent, the consultants at 3PLR are your logistics experts. We are Experienced Logistics Professionals.

Consulting and recruiting come together at 3PLR to create a perfect pairing to best benefit our customers. Working with shippers and third-party logistics (3PL) businesses of all sizes and organizational structures, 3PLR not only provides assistance with identifying personnel needs and recruiting quality candidates, but also a wide range of consulting services.

Our first-hand knowledge and experience have made us experts in consulting and recruiting.

3PLResources, the consulting side of 3PLR, works directly with companies to provide solutions for common challenges faced by 3PLs and shippers. We offer a variety of strategic initiatives, transportation efficiency and warehouse productivity consulting services.Our consultants are experienced professionals who have worked in the logistics industry and understand its unique challenges and demands. We will work with businesses to assess, strategize and transform their logistics operations for higher performance, cost savings and profitability.

Our Principles

We support the client from problem definition to benefit realization with analysis, solution development, planning and implementation.

At 3PLR, we rely on our core principles and industry expertise to best serve our clients in everything we do.

Maintain High Integrity:
We strive toward excellence in analysis, solution development and implementation through hard work, by delivering honest value and by telling the truth, no matter what. This is our definition of integrity.

Data Driven:
We understand that it is tough to find the time and qualified resources for data collection and analysis, while managing daily operations and people. At 3PLR, it is our specialty. In our work, it’s critically important to use data, rather than hunches and anecdotal evidence, to identify problems and make decisions.

Know the Customer:
We strive to understand your business strategy, organization, market position, performance issues and your customers’ requirements.

Think Strategically and Tactically:
While tactical solutions can offer benefits, they are only truly effective if they align with the vision and strategy. We begin with an understanding of both strategic and tactical issues.

Deliver Results:
In every phase of engagement, we focus on results by fully understanding our clients’ needs and constantly keeping their goals in mind. Our experienced consultants set clear project objectives and scope through the application of appropriate process mapping, analytical tools and techniques. We manage timelines and budgets, define financial impacts and quantify benefits to ultimately develop and deliver practical solutions.

Develop Long-Term Relationships:
We invest in our client relationships by taking the time to truly understand your business before we move to solution development. It’s an integral part of or process to deliver on the scope of the engagement and striving to exceed expectations. We dig deep to find improvement opportunities and implement solutions that provide substantial return on investment. Earning the client’s trust and developing long-term partnerships with our clients is our greatest compliment and proof of value delivered.

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10401 W. Lincoln Ave., Suite 207
West Allis, WI 53227