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361 Services Inc.

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361 Services was formed in 2005 to provide the highest quality of senior level staffing and recruiting services, in the accounting, tax, audit and finance arena to the Colorado Marketplace. Our name reflects our commitment to go above and beyond the norm in providing service to our clients and candidates (361 meaning one degree beyond full circle!).


W-2 hourly employees are eligible for holiday pay. To receive holiday pay, employees must have accumulated 1,000 regular hours within the previous 12 months, must be on a project, and must work 24 hours the week of the holiday and 24 hours the week following the holiday. Qualifying employees will receive 8 hours pay for the major holidays listed below, whether or not the employee works that day.

The pay will be added to your time for the week that follows the holiday and will be paid out at the current rate of pay. Payment of holiday pay will not be counted when calculating overtime hours. This benefit does not apply to W-2 employees who are part of a special client payrolling arrangement.


Having an extensive background in the consulting/staffing industry, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the business as it pertains to dealing with candidates.

Professionals seeking help with their careers need honesty and integrity from a relationship with a recruiter. When presenting a candidate to our client, we will keep them informed, and will deliver both the positive and negative news as quickly as possible. Being direct can be difficult, especially if we need to communicate shortcomings or lack of skill or experiences that our clients are seeking, but we deem this to be in the candidate's best interest in order to properly manage their search.

Anybody can deliver good news. We differentiate ourselves by our willingness to tell candidates what they need to hear in order for them to understand what the marketplace is thinking about them and how to better position themselves for success.


1401 17th Street, Suite 600
Denver, CO 80202