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2313 Inc.

Private Consulting Sales - Marketing Telecommunications < 100 Employees Headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI 3 Active Jobs

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2313 Inc. provides direct marketing and consultative sales services to multi-million dollar corporations in the telecommunications sector. Founded in 2003, we are a privately owned firm based in Farmington Hills, approximately 20 miles outside of Detroit. Our expertise is in developing and executing face-to-face customer acquisition strategies. We increase sales by attaining the customers left behind by traditional advertising methods. Our services are catered to global brands with service-based revenue models. Visit our website to read more about 2313 Inc.'s services.

We are on the lookout for fresh new talent in the Detroit Metro area! If the following list describes you, send us your resume!

>> You have positive energy. You view the glass as half full. You bring the good vibes wherever you go!

>> You're not afraid of hard work. Nothing worth having comes easily, and you're willing to put the time and energy into building a great life for yourself.

>> You're competitive. You're on a mission to be the best version of yourself every day. (And maybe you talk a little smack whenever the Lions are playing).

>> You thrive in a team environment. You're a self-starter and enjoy working individually, but you love working with your co-workers to accomplish a greater goal.

>> You're anxious to grow and learn. You've got a great student mentality and you want to soak in as much knowledge as possible.

Bulletin Board

The 2313 Inc. team has been recognized for their steady growth, progressive internal practices, top-notch service to their Fortune 500 clientele, as well as charitable giving within their local community. The company is continually focused on developing personal and professional skills within their team.

Why work at 2313 Inc.?

2313 Inc. is a great place to work. We're a proud 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 winner of “Metro Detroit’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For”! In fact, we've been recognized nationally for being a great place to work for the last four consecutive years! Here are some of the best parts of working here...

No two days are the same at 2313 Inc.!

We make it a priority to recognize the achievements of our hardworking team members.

There's not a single "dead-end job" at 2313 Inc.

For most of us, our 2313 Inc. team is our second family. We spend time outside the office together socially, play in sports leagues, and get involved in philanthropic organizations.


You'll have full access to seasoned industry professionals who will take the time work with you individually. You will learn and grow on a daily basis.

We've got a wide-open floor plan and facilitates social interaction and good energy.


You'll be working amongst some pretty great people. We come from all different backgrounds and are united by our goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will my salary be at 2313 Inc.?
You probably already know this, but compensation plans are different for each employee, depending on his or her position, experience, skill level, etc. We can’t answer this question before interviewing you.

What is the 2313 Inc. account manager salary?
Compensation packages vary by employee. The income of our entry-level employees is consistent with the national average for entry-level jobs, and top performers have the opportunity to earn significantly more. All of our account managers are eligible to receive conditional bonuses and commissions.

Will I receive on-the-job training?
Absolutely! Nothing is more important than making sure that each member of the team is set up to be successful in his or her role! We offer intensive hands-on training and the opportunity to learn directly from individuals who once held your very position. Training will include corporate classroom training and hands-on field training. You’ll get to watch, listen, and learn by doing.

Does 2313 Inc. drug test?
Based on client request, drug tests and background checks are possible.

Will I be required to travel?
Again, this is dependent on your position. Most of our positions have optional travel opportunities and/or less than 25% domestic travel requirements. 2313 Inc. attends events throughout the year such as leadership and management retreats, as well leadership development courses and seminars locally and nationally. 

What can I expect as a new employee of 2313 Inc.?
A new job means that you’ll be outside of your comfort zone, which is why all new hires are provided a seasoned mentor to help them assimilate and excel. This mentor serves as a go-to person for questions, comments, and concerns.

What can I expect in terms of advancement?
One of our core values is to reward our people for their hard work. Seniority does not dictate the next person to receive a promotion; rather, promotions at 2313 Inc. are a result of an individual’s ability to do good work and generate results. This means that a top-performing new employee may advance at a faster rate than someone with greater tenure. If you perform well in your role, you can expect to earn at least 1-2 promotions within your first year of working at 2313 Inc.

Still have questions? Give us a call, we'd love to answer them! Our HR Department can be reached at (248) 907-3447.

2313 Inc. Employee Reviews

“I started as an intern and didn’t expect to stay beyond the summer… but I did! I returned after I graduated and worked my way into a management position. I was an early 20-something with practically zero experience, so I viewed this as sort of a ‘business boot camp,’ and really an extension of my education. I can’t imagine that I would have found another company that would have taken the time to develop me and teach me as much as this one did. It was extremely hard work, but well worth it, and I’d absolutely recommend this company to others.” -Lauren

“Working at 2313 Inc. I have learned the value of follow through and patience. Success does not happen overnight and in order to grow professionally you have to first be willing to grow personally. The culture here is lot like a family, it’s professional, fun and very focused on goals and growth. This company is not for someone looking to simply exchange time for a paycheck. The most rewarding part of my job has been the opportunity to see people grow personally and professionally as a result of my guidance.  There is nothing like seeing some gain confidence in themselves.” -Lyn

2313 Management

Our managers set the pace for the entire team. They are present, engaged, and enthusiastic. They take the time to get to know each person’s goals. They are supportive and encouraging. They have high standards and push each person to be better each day.
One of the things that makes our company so unique is that every person who holds a leadership position at 2313 Inc. once started off in an entry-level role.

Have you ever had a boss who had no idea how to do your job? Didn’t you hate it when that person told you what to do?

We’ve eliminated that dynamic entirely by ensuring that any person in charge of managing another has already walked in their shoes. This ensures leadership by example in its purest form. A manager will never ask anything of an employee that he/she hasn’t already done him/herself.

Do you have questions about 2313 Management? Call us at (248) 702-6750 for more information!

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27280 Haggerty Rd, Suite C-17 Farmington Hills, MI 48331




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