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1st Franklin Financial Corporation

1st Franklin Financial Corporation has been engaged in the consumer finance business since 1941, particularly in direct cash loans and sales finance loans. The business is operated through 108 branch offices in Georgia, 39 in Alabama, 41 in South Carolina, 31 in Mississippi, 20 in Louisiana and 6 in Tennessee. In August of 2008, the company had aproximately 1100 employees.

As of August 2008, the resources of the Company were invested principally in loans which comprised 69% of the Company's assets. The majority of the Company’s revenues are derived from finance charges earned on loans and other outstanding receivables. Remaining revenues are derived from earnings on investment securities, insurance income and other miscellaneous income.


1st Franklin Financial Corporation is a major provider of financial and consumer services to individuals and families. Our business will be managed according to best practices that will allow us to maintain a healthy financial position.


"Integrity Without Compromise" "Open Honest Communication" "Respect all of Our Customers and Employees" "Teamwork and Collaboration" "Personal Accountability" "Run It Like You Own It"