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Warehouse Selector

2,128 Warehouse Selector
Jobs Available
in US
$ 13.84 - 23.53/hour

Resumes of Warehouse Selector

Writing an effective Warehouse Selector resume is an essential part of your job search. Make sure you include a summary of your experience and goals, plus, list relevant work experience, certifications and computer programs you know. Also, highlight your skills, such as: being a good communicator, managing projects and more.

Be sure to use some of the same words found in the job description, and don't forget to proofread! Our Warehouse Selector resume examples will guide you through this process. Build your resume at CareerBuilder in a few clicks or, upload an existing one, now.


Typical Warehouse Selector responsibilities to be added to your resume.

  • Sort cargo before loading and unloading.

  • Adjust or replace equipment parts, such as rollers, belts, plugs, or caps, using hand tools.

  • Attach identifying tags to containers or mark them with identifying information.

  • Pack containers and re-pack damaged containers.

  • Direct spouts and position receptacles, such as bins, carts, or containers so they can be loaded.

  • Guide loads being lifted to prevent swinging.

  • Connect electrical equipment to power sources so that it can be tested before use.

  • Move freight, stock, or other materials to and from storage or production areas, loading docks, delivery vehicles, ships, or containers, by hand or using trucks, tractors, or other equipment.

  • Carry needed tools or supplies from storage or trucks and return them after use.

  • Bundle and band material such as fodder or tobacco leaves, using banding machines.

  • Stack cargo in locations such as transit sheds or in holds of ships as directed, using pallets or cargo boards.

  • Rig or dismantle props or equipment, such as frames, scaffolding, platforms, or backdrops, using hand tools.

  • Record numbers of units handled or moved, using daily production sheets or work tickets.

  • Maintain equipment storage areas to ensure that inventory is protected.

  • Attach slings, hooks, or other devices to lift cargo and guide loads.

  • Adjust controls to guide, position, or move equipment, such as cranes, booms, or cameras.

  • Wash out cargo containers or storage areas.

  • Read work orders or receive oral instructions to determine work assignments or material or equipment needs.

  • Install protective devices, such as bracing, padding, or strapping, to prevent shifting or damage to items being transported.

  • Shovel material, such as gravel, ice, or spilled concrete, into containers or bins or onto conveyors.


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