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Ultrasound Technologist

7,741 Ultrasound Technologist
Jobs Available
in US
$ 17.76 - 36.51/hour

Resumes of Ultrasound Technologist

Writing an effective Ultrasound Technologist resume is an essential part of your job search. Make sure you include a summary of your experience and goals, plus, list relevant work experience, certifications and computer programs you know. Also, highlight your skills, such as: being a good communicator, managing projects and more.

Be sure to use some of the same words found in the job description, and don't forget to proofread! Our Ultrasound Technologist resume examples will guide you through this process. Build your resume at CareerBuilder in a few clicks or, upload an existing one, now.


Typical Ultrasound Technologist responsibilities to be added to your resume.

  • Load and unload film cassettes used to record images from procedures.

  • Maintain records that include patient information, sonographs and interpretations, files of correspondence, publications and regulations, or quality assurance records, such as pathology, biopsy, or post-operative reports.

  • Observe screen during scan to ensure that image produced is satisfactory for diagnostic purposes, making adjustments to equipment as required.

  • Select appropriate equipment settings and adjust patient positions to obtain the best sites and angles.

  • Coordinate work with physicians or other healthcare team members, including providing assistance during invasive procedures.

  • Supervise or train students or other medical sonographers.

  • Decide which images to include, looking for differences between healthy and pathological areas.

  • Observe and care for patients throughout examinations to ensure their safety and comfort.

  • Prepare patient for exam by explaining procedure, transferring patient to ultrasound table, scrubbing skin and applying gel, and positioning patient properly.

  • Process and code film from procedures and complete appropriate documentation.

  • Clean, check, and maintain sonographic equipment, submitting maintenance requests or performing minor repairs as necessary.

  • Perform medical procedures, such as administering oxygen, inserting and removing airways, taking vital signs, or giving emergency treatment, such as first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

  • Maintain stock and supplies, preparing supplies for special examinations and ordering supplies when necessary.

  • Perform clerical duties, such as scheduling exams or special procedures, keeping records, or archiving computerized images.

  • Obtain and record accurate patient history, including prior test results or information from physical examinations.

  • Determine whether scope of exam should be extended, based on findings.

  • Provide sonogram and oral or written summary of technical findings to physician for use in medical diagnosis.

  • Record and store suitable images, using camera unit connected to the ultrasound equipment.

  • Operate ultrasound equipment to produce and record images of the motion, shape, and composition of blood, organs, tissues, or bodily masses, such as fluid accumulations.


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