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Biological Technician

0 Jobs Available in US

Roles Similar to Biological Technician

Biological Technician also qualify for the following roles. You should evaluate them to see if they are better fit for your financial and life style goals Update Career Goals

  • Chemical Technician
    $ 15.38 - 38.74/hour
  • Biological Scientist
    $ 23.20 - 64.34/hour
  • Laboratory Technician (Life, Physical, And Social Science)
    $ 14.54 - 38.85/hour

    Must have a working knowledge of standard safety procedures and policies of handling equipment and materials. Must have a working knowledge of wet chemistry, chromatography techniques, analytical balance, and microbalance use as well as general laboratory instrumentation. Bachelor’s degree in science is required. A major in chemistry and extensive lab experience is preferred. Analysis of specimens to check for the existence of specified chemicals. Follow all lab-quality assurance procedures and record any deviation from them. Keep a check on inventory levels of equipment and report any faulty equipment immediately.

  • Molecular Biology Research Associate
    $ 15.02 - 38.05/hour
  • Research Technician
    $ 18.11 - 49.73/hour
  • Water Technician
    $ 15.38 - 38.74/hour
  • Research Assistant (Life, Physical, And Social Science)
    $ 14.54 - 38.85/hour

    Assist social scientists in laboratory, survey, and other social science research. May help prepare findings for publication and assist in laboratory analysis, quality control, or data management.

  • Staff Scientist
    $ 15.02 - 38.05/hour
  • Field Technician (Life, Physical, And Social Science)
    $ 14.54 - 38.85/hour

    This role performs inspection of equipment outside company facilities to diagnose the root cause of issues. Also works to conduct testing of the equipment and must be able to install new equipment or repair existing equipment. May need to overhaul used or refurbished equipment. Willing to travel extensively based on the needs of the job. Ability to test the performance of the equipment against set standards like performance standards and safety standards etc. Assist customers with training material when needed. Manage company assets safely and as per company policies. Perform administrative duties like completing expense reports and service activity reports etc.

  • Quality Control Laboratory Technician
    $ 14.99 - 37.54/hour

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