Why this CareerBuilder employee came back to the team

Employee feature Victor Payne

Our tools are just one reason why Victor returned to our Chicago crew.

In an effort to share the stories of the CareerBuilder employees who are hard at work #BuildingForYou, we continue our employee feature series, from celebrating individuality and lending personal experience to their insight on industry trends and everything in between.

Meet Victor Payne, a Senior Account Executive within our Staffing and Recruiting Vertical in our Chicago Headquarters. Victor is part of a unique community at CareerBuilder employees that we call Boomerangs, a group of employees who left the company and returned because they missed us too much. He has been with the company for a total of three years and came back because of CareerBuilder’s best-in-class products.

Keep reading to learn more about Victor’s path.

What do you enjoy most about working at CareerBuilder? 

CareerBuilder has always been an excellent place to focus on improving your sales skills and industry knowledge. It is this focus on continuous training that brought me back and keeps me at the company.

What is the coolest thing you are currently working on?

CareerBuilder has always been an excellent place to focus on improving your sales skills and industry knowledge, so it is hard to select one project. Thus, I would say the coolest thing I am currently working on is honing my trade, and being the best partner I can be for my clients.  

Why did you return to CareerBuilder?  

I believe in the product, but especially the company. CareerBuilder is a company that continues to provide quality solutions and services while offering its employees the opportunity to achieve success in sales.

What inspired you to choose your current career path?

I am in Sales, and it might be insane to say, but I enjoy the rollercoaster this line of work brings. I’ve always been self-driven and internally motivated, and Sales naturally fits well for my personality. I enjoy meeting, interacting, and developing relationships, and, obviously, the thrill of winning.

What is the last book you read?  

"How To Get Motivated And Stay Motivated" by Grant Cardone. I believe that you have to feed the mind with knowledge and different perspectives continuously, so this book was an excellent read.