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Should I consider a temporary job?

CareerBuilder | September 4, 2020

temp jobs forecast

The best temporary jobs include flexibility, variety and learning opportunities. Here are the most popular today:

Looking for work that provides flexibility, variety and new learning opportunities? Consider a temporary roll. Jobs in the temporary employment industry are booming right now – and will only continue to increase over the next three years by 5.9 percent.

What's behind this significant growth? Since the recession, companies have increasingly been relying on temporary and contract workers to supplement hard-to-fill positions and help them stay flexible in the face of ever-changing market demands.

The benefits of temporary work

But employers aren't the only ones who benefit from hiring temporary workers. Temporary jobs are ideal for workers who want to utilize various skills, create connections at different companies and explore different career possibilities.

Consider the following benefits of taking a job in the temporary services industry, which you may not have previously considered:

  • Try out a new career. If you're on the fence about your next career move, taking on a temporary job could help you explore a new career path.
  • Increase your market value. Temporary employment may not be your ideal industry or work arrangement, but your status as a currently employed individual will make you more marketable to employers who are hiring. Not to mention that the experience will enrich your resume and showcase you as a dedicated employee.
  • Pick up new skills and experience. Many people use temporary work as a chance to develop new skills or gain experience in a new industry.
  • Possible full-time position. It's not uncommon for a temporary job to turn into a full time gig.
  • Build your network. Even if you aren't offered a full-time position when your contract ends, you've made connections who may be able to refer you to opportunities down the line or vouch for your skills when applying to other jobs.

Where the jobs are:

While there might be a perception that temp jobs are limited to data entry and admin work, that's simply no longer the case. Remote jobs and work from home jobs are the most-searched jobs this year.

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