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Where to go from a customer assistant position

Career Journeys | April 24, 2017

Make sure you have what it takes to excel in an entry-level position as a customer assistant and learn what your professional future could hold.

As a customer assistant, you serve as the face of the company and deal directly with customers. Depending on the nature of your job, you might interact with customers face-to-face, or you might communicate with them exclusively over the phone or online. No matter how you work with customers, however, you're in charge of answering questions about products and services, addressing complaints, and communicating with your superiors to achieve satisfactory resolutions.

customer assistant jobs

In this entry-level position, you'll need strong written and verbal communication skills so you can help customers adequately. You'll also need great interpersonal skills to better understand what customers really want and how you can use the resources at your disposal to help them. Customer assistants also need a strong work ethic, as you might need to go above and beyond or put in overtime hours to help your company meet its objectives.

If you're looking for an industry that continues to advance rapidly, customer service is a smart choice.

How to Move Forward Along the Customer Assistant Career Path

As much as you might love your customer service position, you'll undoubtedly want to move up the career ladder once you've gained enough valuable experience. Take a look at some of the options that will become available as you advance your career in the customer service industry.

Senior Customer Assistance Representative

As a senior customer service representative, you'll essentially become one of the most experienced and knowledgeable employees in your department. In this position, you might talk with customers directly, or you might handle inbound calls. Because you'll be talking with or emailing customers and colleagues constantly, excellent communication skills are essential.

Once you become a senior member of your team, you'll also need to demonstrate high-level organizational skills as you juggle tasks, complete follow-up communications, and tackle marketing duties. You'll also need to be relatively tech-savvy, as you'll use a variety of point-of-sale, database, and communication programs daily.

Customer Service Leader

If you're ready for a mid-level managerial role, a job as a customer service leader is a smart move in the right direction. One of the biggest differences between a mid-level position and a more entry-level job is that you'll need strong leadership skills. Because you'll be in charge of a team of staff members, you'll need to know how to motivate them to do their jobs well and help them overcome obstacles.

In a customer service supervisor position, you'll also need to thoroughly understand both the job title and the skill set of everyone on your team. This will help you assign resources properly and solve problems quickly. Having a good understanding of how your team fits into the business as a whole can also help both you and your company succeed.

Customer Service Manager

Once you've mastered entry-level jobs and mid-level managerial roles in the customer service industry, you'll truly be ready to take charge. As a customer service manager, you'll need to hone your leadership skills even more as you take responsibility for both staff members and business operations. You'll need to have a complete understanding of how the business works and what its overall goals are, since you'll have a key role in achieving them.

As a customer service manager, you'll be faced with challenging choices day in and day out. That's why you'll need to develop the ability to make decisions quickly after weighing the pros and cons of the situation. To keep your staff motivated and continually working toward the goals and objectives you and your fellow managers have set, you'll also need to maintain positivity, no matter what kind of issues arise.

Whether you're looking for a great job to get your foot in the door or you're ready to move forward along this exciting career path, you're in the right place. Brush up on your skills, and get ready to land the perfect position in the customer service industry.

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