What HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ can teach you about working in tech

Silicon Valley Header

Wonder what it's like to work for a tech start-up? Look no further.

IT and technology jobs have been on the rise for years, and there are no signs that this trend is slowing. Still, for many on the outside, the tech industry can seem daunting and confusing. HBO's "Silicon Valley", now in its third season, offers a comedic take on what it's like to work in this fast-paced, cutthroat industry.

Many people get into the tech industry with lofty ideals.

Or because of the relaxed dress code.

Don't let your ideals blind you to the realities of business.

True, you'll get to work with some of today's brightest minds.

Even if they're not necessarily the nicest people.

There are exciting tech advancements happening all the time.

But there are also some not so-exciting bug fixes.

And occasionally putting out fires.

So you may need to temper your expectations a bit.

Sometimes the demands may seem impossible.

You'll need hard work and dedication.

And maybe some creative solutions.

But when everything comes together, there's nothing more exciting.