Which team watches the Super Bowl like it’s their job?


Millions of people will watch the big game this weekend - but some people, it's just part of their job.

We can’t say for certain how people spend their free time – but we do have a pretty good idea of how most people spend their workdays. And, as it turns out, there ARE some jobs for which watching the big game could be considered “work.”

For the purposes of this study, and shamelessly pitting two fan bases against one another, we tracked three occupations where at least some of the job’s responsibilities include watching sports. We’ll call them “professional sports-watchers.”

  • Coaches and scouts
  • Radio and television announcers
  • Umpires, referees and other sports officials

By comparing the number of jobs in these sports-related occupations in an area – say New England or Philadelphia, for example – and comparing it to the population of the area, we can determine which has more professional-sports-watchers per capita.


  • Population (2018): 6,101,382
  • Professional sports-watchers: 5,613
  • One professional sports-watcher for every 1,087 residents

New England

  • Population (2018): 14,817,366
  • Professional sports-watchers: 23,172
  • One professional sports-watcher for every 639 residents

Even though Philadelphia is just one city while New England spans several entire states, looking at professional sports-watchers relative to total residents is a comparable statistic. But for those of you who may not be satisfied, we’ve also zeroed in on Boston, the city where the Patriots are located.


  • Population (2018): 4,860,200
  • Professional sports-watchers: 7,366
  • One professional sports-watcher for every 660 residents

The results are clear – whether you consider the Patriots’ geographic fan base to be all of New England or just their hometown of Boston, they boast more professional-sports watchers per capita than Philadelphia.

Whether you’re rooting for the Eagles or the Patriots or neither, we’re rooting for you to land the job of your dreams this year. Get started here.