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​These office hacks will make your work day a breeze

CareerBuilder | December 2, 2021

​These office hacks will make your work day a breeze

Use these tips and tricks to get organized, inspired and ready to tackle the work day.

We could all use a little help getting through the workday, so we’ve put together a list of office hacks for all you DIY fans out there.

6 office hacks you need to try

Organize cords with binder clamps and bread clips

Does your desk look like it's covered in vines? Your office or home workspace probably has everything you need to fix that. Pinterest fans already know what we’re going to say: you can fix binder clamps to the side or back of your desk and run cables through the handles to keep them neat and organized. And if you keep having to follow a cable back to its source just to find out what it’s for, it’s time to run to the kitchen for some bread clips. Simply write the purpose of the cord on the clip with a marker, then stick the clip on the top of the cord. No more follow-the-thread hunts!

The Pomodoro technique

If you’re having trouble managing your time, especially when you’re working from home or looking for a remote job, the Pomodoro technique could help. Named after the Pomodoro kitchen timer, the technique can help you complete your tasks more efficiently — without burning out. Identify your task, then work on it for 25 minutes. After that, give yourself a five-minute break. Then, work for 25 more minutes. After you’ve completed this process four or five times, give yourself a longer break — say, 15 to 25 minutes. It’s much easier to tackle your work in quick sprints than it is to run a work marathon.

Put a little toothpaste between two face masks — seriously

Many of us work long shifts while wearing face masks. And if you’re looking for a job in retail, health care, hospitality or any number of consumer-facing industries, you’ll need to get used to wearing a mask at work. If you’re using disposable masks, you can freshen up the experience by adding just a touch of toothpaste between two of them. You might have one of those air fresheners shaped like a pine tree dangling from the rear-view mirror in your car. This is like that, but for you face.

Ignore notifications during focus time

This can feel counter-intuitive, but sometimes you just need to turn all those dinging, ringing, vibrating notifications off to hear yourself think. Now, let’s be clear: you don’t want to ignore important work-related requests. But if you need to focus on a particular project, and your manager knows it’s your priority, you might need to put your phone face down, on silent, and devote all your attention to the task at hand. That email can wait.

Stay hydrated

For a species that’s 70 percent water, we’re not always the best at staying hydrated. It’s easy to get caught up in your work and forget to take care of your body. But skipping water can have a lot of detrimental effects on your health, so please, make sure to drink water throughout the day. You need eight glasses, so get started with a quality water bottle.

Keep a succulent

Plants brighten up any office — or at least, healthy plants do. No one wants to see a sad, wilting plant on their desk. So stick to succulents. They typically don’t need much water, so they’re not a distracting responsibility. And they’ll bring a little natural calm to your work life.

5 life hacks for truck drivers

Office hacks can be a big help, but what if your office is the open road? We’ve got some tips for you truckers out there as well — 10-4, good buddy?

Use a water bottle and cloth to cool down your steering wheel

If you’ve ever driven in the summer, you know how hot a cab can get. And if you’ve ever grabbed a sun-soaked steering wheel and nearly leaped out of your seat, we’ve got a tip for you: keep an extra water bottle and some kind of cloth — a hand towel, an old shirt, whatever — in your truck, and use them to wipe down too-hot-to-touch steering wheels.

Keep two sets of snacks

You don’t need us to tell you to keep snacks on the road. But you should keep a secondary stash of nonperishable or long-lasting emergency snacks, in case you find yourself in need of a little sustenance. Assorted nuts are a great option.

Take breaks at dawn and dusk

Part of what makes trucking a great career is the majesty of the open road. Truckers travel through bright cities and idyllic countrysides. If you’re driving early mornings or late afternoons, sunrise and sunset make for great break times. You'll catch some great views. Plus, if you’re going to have sun in your eyes, it’s better for it to happen at break time. Oh, and grab some sunglasses for the road.

Get some light exercise on breaks

Truck drivers spend a lot of time in a seated position, which can be detrimental to your health. On your breaks, consider taking the time for a little light exercise: push-ups, sit-ups, a quick job around the truck. Get your blood pumping and run out that cab-cramped feeling you get on long hauls.

Mind your posture and get a good seat cover

If you’re starting to feel all those miles in your back, look for a comfortable seat cover that provides good lumbar support. Try to sit up straight, with your shoulders relaxed. Hunching over for long periods of time could lead to more back pain in the future.

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