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These jobs are on the rise during coronavirus outbreak

CareerBuilder | March 31, 2020

Jobs on the rise during coronavirus

Transfer your skills and find work in high-demand industries

During this unprecedented time, the job market is splitting in two directions: industries that are drastically slowing down or coming to a halt because of public health restrictions, and sectors that are rapidly ramping up and in dire need of more workers.

Former travel, retail, restaurant and hospitality employees are suddenly looking for new or temporary work. The best bet? Pivot to high-demand roles that utilize similar skills or are responding to growing demand.

According to CareerBuilder data on March 31, the top three in-demand jobs right now are registered nurses (21,077 open roles), non-CDL truck drivers (17,541 open roles) and customer service representatives (10,134 open roles). Keep reading for more about these industries, how they're responding to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and jobs available in each.

Trucking, delivery and logistics
From healthcare workers in need of critical gear for their hospitals, or grocery stores trying to keep up with the demand of customers, many industries and companies can’t keep supplies in stock. If your job in public transit or as a school bus driver is in jeopardy, consider seeking roles driving rigs to deliver much-needed goods to critical industries. Additionally, grocery and retail stores, restaurants, and other service and logistics businesses need support to deliver goods to customers staying at home. This could mean delivering food from restaurants or dropping off packages from major retailers, but as quarantines continue, so will these urgent needs.

As of March 31:

Healthcare workers are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, and as the industry becomes overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases, help is needed in all areas.

Former doctors, nurses and other physicians who are retired are re-entering the workforce, and nurses and doctors who work in elective surgery clinics are joining hospital crews. Other healthcare and medical-adjacent workers who can apply transferrable skills include pharmacists, customer service reps who can serve as appointment schedulers, or registered nurses who can take up telemedicine.

As of March 31:

Retail industry – grocery stores, supermarkets and essential supplies
With physical distancing restrictions in place, along with stay-at-home orders in many cities, people have been stocking up on groceries to limit the number of trips to the store. As a result, grocery stores and supermarkets need to staff up to meet this greatly increased demand. With most positions being offered as part time, it’s a good option for those seeking extra work but also require flexibility. Look for roles like store clerk or cashier, stock or warehouse personnel, or as a customer service or call center representative.

As of March 31:

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