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The best resume objective examples for your job search

CareerBuilder | May 2, 2022

Resume Objectives

Explore the differences between a resume objective and a resume profile and get tips for writing an objective with examples for reference.

A resume objective is a statement that summarizes your unique qualifications and professional experience in one or two sentences. Recruiters and hiring managers often use them to decide which resumes they should examine more closely. It's possible to increase your chances of getting an interview and even land your dream job by creating an effective resume objective. As you work on your resume objective, it can be helpful to learn more about what makes them effective and how to write one that presents a good impression.

Examples of other resume objectives can also be valuable as a reference when you begin to structure your objective. Keep in mind that, "A recruiter will typically spend less than a minute scanning a resume, so the objective is a great way for a candidate to introduce themselves, highlight skills, accomplishments, and interests. Candidates can incorporate pieces of the job posting they are applying to into the objective to show how they can be a great fit for the opening," says Liz Cannata, VP Human Resources at CareerBuilder.

The difference between a resume profile and an objective

While the two may sound similar, they're not the same thing. Using an objective on your resume can help you explain why you're the best fit for a position. This summary can encourage a hiring manager to read the rest of your resume, including details about your qualifications and experience. In this statement, it's important to share a few skills and descriptive words about yourself, along with your goals and work history.

In contrast, a resume profile is similar to a concise version of a cover letter. It's longer than an objective, but it can be used in place of one. Here's what information is often put in a profile:

  • Professional experience
  • Key projects
  • Career goals
  • Notable achievements
  • Educational background
  • Relevant skills

A resume profile helps you communicate the extent of your qualifications for this position and the reasons a company should consider you. But, like an objective, it's helpful when you tailor your profile for each application. Customizing both your objective and profile to different jobs is important because it can help each hiring manager know you meet their exact requirements and company values. Consider creating a skeleton resume objective or resume profile that you can customize for each job application.

You can also upload your resume to your CareerBuilder profile so that employers can more easily find you according to your skills and work history.

How to write an objective for your resume

Here are some steps you can follow that can help you write an objective for your resume:

Research the company and the job you're applying for

Before you write your statement, take time to research the company and the job duties of the role you're applying for. This can help you tailor your resume more closely with the organization, which can show the hiring manager you've considered how your qualifications can help their company. You may also find it helpful to research the job role in more depth and review the job description. Use keywords from the job description in your objective to catch the eye of the hiring manager.

Use concise sentences

It's important to create concise sentences. This means reducing the amount of business jargon or wordiness in your statements. Use the brevity of your objective to draw attention to your qualifications. You can add more detail to your resume and cover letter later. However, a shorter, more precise objective can entice the hiring manager to read it.

Often, hiring managers need to read a large number of resumes quickly, so if your resume objective is brief, they're more willing to read it. To make it effective, choose the best details about your skills and experience that match the job description.

Highlight what makes you valuable, including your transferable skills

You can increase your value by including transferable skills in your statement, especially if you're making a career change or just starting your career journey. Transferable skills are soft skills you can use in various settings, such as communication and teamwork. In your objective, highlight what makes you a valuable hire to their company and how you plan to use your skills to help them reach their goals. You can do this by referring to the job description and relating your experiences to the role.

Proofread your resume multiple times

After you've finished crafting your statement, make sure to proofread and edit the objective and your job descriptions. You may need to adjust its length if it makes your resume exceed over one page. When you submit an error-free resume, it shows the hiring manager you pay careful attention to detail and take pride in your work.

8 resume objective examples

Here are some objective examples you can review to create your own in your resume:

Video game designer objective

Passionate and creative video game graphic designer involved in the design, development, and implementation of technical game designs for over nine years. Seeking to leverage these skills at Mae Games as a lead video game graphic designer to improve product design and increase productivity.

Teaching assistant objective

Top-performing teaching assistant with five years of teaching-support experience in several busy classrooms a day with educational credentials from Taymont University. Aiming to use my teaching and communication skills to fill the teaching assistant role in South Lake Morris Elementary School.

Mechanical engineer objective

Recent college graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering, seeking a position at Crow Company. Aiming to use my well-developed technical skills from courses and internships to help your company increase production in developing steam and gas turbines.

Professional chef objective

Passionate and skilled professional chef, seeking the entry-level chef position at Ingrid's Italian Inn. Organizing and maintaining sanitary kitchens for three years, with a fondness for Italian meals and desserts.

Office manager objective

Experienced office manager aiming to take on a leadership role in Sarah Beth Corporations' marketing department. Dedicated to improving the company's processes, supporting the growth, and increasing revenue for the company by contributing my skills in team leadership, problem-solving, and strategic planning.

Radio operations manager objective

Hard-working and motivational radio operations manager with five years of experience managing others, creating radio logs on a daily and weekly basis, including holidays, seeking a position at Farming Radio Networks. Ability to improve employee productivity levels and increase profits for the radio company.

Digital marketing strategist objective

An experienced writer, designer, and social media enthusiast with six years of experience and the skills required to implement profitable digital marketing strategies. Seeking to join ADM Corporations as a social media marketing specialist to improve performance metrics, increase campaign engagement, and strengthen relationships with audiences.

Registered nurse objective

Experienced RN with knowledge of therapeutic and treatment procedures, patient counseling, and medication monitoring. Seeking a long-term position at Shady Oaks Assisted Living Facility where I can contribute to patient plans and medical best practices.

Whether you choose a resume objective or resume profile, use the space you have to catch the attention of your future employer. If you take time to highlight your qualifications in concise phrasing, a resume objective can become an opportunity to gain an interview, and hopefully, your dream job.

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