12 side hustles you’ve never considered (but might want to)

Side gigs

From furniture assembling to lice removal, there's a side gig for everything - and everyone.

Side gigs might just be the new 9-5. According to CareerBuilder research, nearly a third of workers (32 percent) say they have a side gig.

Side hustles are becoming more popular, not only for the extra income they provide, but also because they allow people to try on different jobs for size or pursue a passion that isn’t fulfilled during their day job.

Plus, you can make a side gig out of pretty much anything. Case in point: The gigs shared in “The Ultimate Side Hustle Book” by Elana Varon.

Here are 12 examples from the book that cover a wide range of industries, interests and experience levels – proving there’s a side hustle for everyone.

1. Auto advertising
What it is: Have a car? Like taking it for joy rides? For this side gig, you (and your car) will be hired to promote a product or service. The ad will be wrapped around your vehicle, and you’ll likely be asked to drive in the area targeted by the advertising campaign.
Experience required: The only real experience you need is driving – and a valid license.
Pay range: Pay varies depending on the ad campaign, but drivers earn around $100 a month on average.

2. Business name creator
What it is: In this role, you get to have some fun while being creative. Your job is to suggest business names for new companies.
Experience required: Really, anyone can sign up to participate in name-generating contests found on sites dedicated to this task.
Pay range: If your name is chosen, you can win anywhere from $50 to $500.

3. City tour guide
What it is: If you have a special love for your city, why not spend your days taking visitors around to see the sights?
Experience required: You’ll need to be knowledgeable about the city, its landmarks and attractions. Also, your state may require you to be licensed.
Pay range: If you’re an employee of a larger company, you’ll make $13 an hour on average; if you give your own tours, you could make a hefty $60 per person.

4. Closed captioner
What it is: You’ll transcribe spoken text for use in TV broadcasts or video recordings.
Experience required: You should be a quick and proficient typist; experience as a court reporter is a major plus.
Pay range: You can rake in anywhere from $50 to $75 an hour.

5. Data cleanser
What it is: As a data cleanser, your job is to identify corrupt or erroneous data and delete or correct it.
Experience required: You’ll need experience working with a variety of data formats, spreadsheets or databases. You should also be familiar with specific software or platforms.
Pay range: This gig pays around $25 to $30 an hour.

6. Furniture assembly
What it is: Help those who freeze at the sight of Ikea directions by getting paid to assemble tricky furniture pieces.
Experience required: This job really just requires patience and the ability to follow instructions.
Pay range: Wages vary based on factors such as location and difficulty of the project, but you can make anywhere from $25 to $75 an hour.

7. Head lice removal technician
What it is: While this isn’t the most luxurious side hustle in the world, it’s something families would pay good money for. In this role, you’ll likely make house calls and use special supplies to remove lice from children – or entire families.
Experienced required: You should be knowledgeable about how to remove lice – from heads and from the home. Being a nurse is also a major plus.
Pay range: You can charge according to the amount of hair the client has, so roughly $50 to $100 or more per treatment per hour.

8. Lesson plan creator
What it is: If you’ve put in the work and effort to create lesson plans, why not make a little money on them? Sell your plans and materials to other teachers via online marketplaces dedicated to these services.
Experience required: You’ll need to be a K-12 teacher, and you’ll want to make sure your school district doesn’t own your materials.
Pay range: Some sites require a membership fee and may also take a cut, so expect to make anywhere from $1 to $15 per plan.

9. Logo designer
What it is: This one is pretty self-explanatory; you’ll create logos for businesses.
Experience required: Both artistic ability and graphic design training are needed to succeed in this job.
Pay range: Pay can vary widely depending on the size and type of the business, as well as how much experience you have. For example, you may get a small amount to help a local business but could make up to a few thousand for more complex projects.

10. Mock juror
What it is: If you liked jury duty, you’ll love this job – which requires you to give online feedback to attorneys about their cases before they head to trial.
Experience required: No experience is needed, beyond potentially meeting specific demographic requirements.
Pay range: Depending on the mock jury site, you can make around $10 to $60 per case.

11. Photo retoucher or restorer
What it is: While you may see most photos on Instagram these days, there’s still a demand for restoration of real photos. In this role, you’ll improve photos by fixing things such as color and blemishes, and you’ll also help restore old pictures.
Experience required: You should have photo editing skills and know how to use relevant software.
Pay range: Experienced freelance photo retouchers charge anywhere from $50 to $150 an hour.

12. Video game tester
What it is: Yes, this is a real job. You get paid to play video games before they’re released to find bugs and other issues.
Experience required: It helps if you’re a video game aficionado, but you should also be good at troubleshooting and have an eye for details.
Pay range: Anywhere from $8 to $15 an hour on average.

Check out the book for more side hustle ideas and for tips on getting started with a side hustle career.

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