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Marketing manager resume example

A successful marketing manager must be able to generate interest in whatever product or service a company is selling. The best way to showcase that ability is to highlight your communication skills, presentation abilities, creativity and experience partnering with sales teams to support their goals.

If you’re searching for a marketing manager job, here’s what a resume might look like. Use these tips to pull together the details:

1. Include statistics and monetary details where available to emphasize how your marketing skills have yielded measurable results for previous employers.
2. Detail a diverse range of skills, highlighting different responsibilities for each position, if possible.
3. Include soft skills like leadership, creativity, and communication that are relevant to the marketing industry.
4. Carefully proofread your resume before submission to make sure you have the correct contact information and proper spelling.

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Mary Mane
456 Central Street
City, ST 12345


Experienced marketing manager with a history of improving ROI and increasing customer engagement through multifaceted marketing campaigns.


Marketing Manager | Major Marketing
2015 – Present | City, State

• Utilize Google Analytics to gather essential marketing metrics
• Develop marketing campaigns which have historically increased sales by an average of 15 percent each quarter
• Oversee marketing budget and optimize advertising use for a savings of $250,000 in 2017

Marketing Manager | Computer Co.
2012 – 2015 | City, State

• Oversaw affiliate program and increased revenue through affiliates by 250 percent over two years
• Launched the viral Dancing Cat campaign, which generated an average of $300,000 in daily sales for related product lines
• Increased conversion rates 20 percent with influencer marketing campaigns

Assistant Marketing Manager | Tech Corp.
2010 – 2012 | City, State

• Monitored sales trends and generated detailed reports for department heads
• Increased international sales by 40 percent over 12 months through targeted content marketing campaigns
• Oversaw social media marketing campaigns

BA in Marketing | State University | 2010

• Strong writing skills, with experience in generating engaging content that successfully drives conversions
• Analytical knowledge and the ability to accurately assess and respond to customer engagement trends
• Leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills that promote team collaboration

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