QUIZ: Should you be more social at work?

Making small talk may make you better at your job.

Work culture matters. Would you rather work alongside Don Draper et. al on "Mad Men," or Mindy and company on "The Mindy Project"? It's not just the difference between advertising and health care that makes those two organizations such unique workplaces. Rather, it's the personalities and relationships we watch develop on screen that make those workplaces interesting.

That's probably true of your own workplace, too. There are certain people you work alongside that you enjoy spending time with—and then there are others you'd prefer to distance yourself from. But just as we see on workplace TV shows today, your relationships with your co-workers will affect your own career path.

Are you liked among your co-workers, or could you be more social while on the clock? Take our quiz to find out what your relationships at work are like, and if you need some social attitude adjustments.