From Quick Apply All to a new career: One job seeker’s story

quick apply all

How a Houston job seeker used CareerBuilder's Quick Apply All feature to land her new job.

It was late one night, and Vivian Wilson of Houston was just finishing up some job applications on A post-apply page popped up with recommendations for jobs similar to the one she'd just applied for. After scanning the list,Vivian Wilson she saw the Quick Apply All button – a feature that enables job seekers to apply to multiple jobs at once – and decided to take a chance.

The rest is job search history. We chatted with Vivian about her job search experience and how she used CareerBuilder's Quick Apply All feature to land her current job.

CB: How long had you been looking for a job before you found your current one?

VW: I had been looking for about three months. I started off not too seriously – I would look here and there to see what the job market looked like and if there was anything in my field or if I needed to look into other industries.

At first, I just wanted to see what was out there. Eventually, I went back and updated my resume, tweaking it based off of the positions I was applying for. Then, I started doing job searches a few times a week and submitting applications – really making time to sit down and get on the computer using different job boards. I was really putting my resume out there to see what I could get.

CB: What industry do you work in and what type of job were you searching for?

VW: Initially, I was looking for administrative roles. I also have some experience in dispatch and logistics, so I looked at those types of roles, too. Toward the end of my job search I was looking at retail positions, since the majority of my experience was in retail. It wasn't something I ideally wanted to get back into, but sometimes if you can get your foot in the door, there may be another opportunity that would take you where you want to go. So I would pick and choose which retail jobs I would consider going back to if the opportunity presented itself.

My new job is a temp-to-hire position as a receptionist at a renewable energy company.

CB: Tell me about your experience with CareerBuilder's Quick Apply All feature, which you used to land your new job.

VW: I'd seen the Quick Apply feature when I'd previously applied for jobs on CareerBuilder and as I was looking more recently. Generally, I would scroll through the recommended jobs and see what was offered through the Quick Apply feature and select a few. What led me to landing this job – it was late at night, and I was just about finished filling out applications. [A post-apply page] said [in summary], 'Your application was submitted for such and such administrative position. Use Quick Apply for similar positions.' Then I saw the Quick Apply All button and figured, let's just see what happens.

After doing that, I got a call for an open position within a couple of days. A staffing agency had a position available with the company that I am working for now. The whole process went really fast. I had a phone interview with the agency and the company within the same afternoon. Then, I had a face-to-face interview on Friday of that same week. Then, I heard back the following Monday that I got the job.

CB: Are there any additional features you use on

VW: [When I was previously job searching,] every so often an article would pop up about updating your resume [or other job search topics], and I would read those. Another feature I used a lot was the filter function [when searching for jobs]. I could pick the distance from a specific zip code, set salary requirements, and select specific companies I wanted to look into.

CB: Overall, how did your experience using compare with other resources you've used for your job search?

VW: I found that CareerBuilder was one of the better ones I've used. Some of the other job search sites seem to repeat a lot of the same jobs over and over again. CareerBuilder was really good about not repeating the same jobs – I didn't feel like I was wasting my time.

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