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Pokémon Go tips for finding jobs

Matthew Tarpey | July 27, 2016

Pokemon Header

These tips will help you in your hunt for Pokémon and for a new job.

Trying to catch 'em all, but your job hunt is getting in the way of your Pokémon hunt? Here are six tips that can help you catch not only Pokémon, but also a new job as well.

1. Find the right match

Pokémon Go: Match your Pokémon type for the battle ahead
Not every Pokémon is right for every battle…

Job search: Match your resume to the job you're applying to
Similarly, when applying for a job…

2. Always be prepared

Pokémon Go: Use lucky eggs before evolving Pokémon

A well-timed lucky egg is the key to leveling up faster.

Job search: Prepare for the interview by researching before going in

Researching the company before your job interview is the key to making a great first impression.

3. Consider all factors

Pokémon Go: Look at a Pokémon's moves, not just its CP before transferring it

Don't judge a Pokémon by its CP. When deciding which duplicate Pokémon to keep and which to transfer, be sure to compare their moves as well.

Job search: There's more to a job than just salary

Don't judge a job by its starting salary. When deciding whether to accept a job offer, be sure to consider benefits packages, perks, opportunities for advancement and company culture.

4. Expand your search

Pokémon Go: The more places you look, the more types of Pokémon you'll find

You'll never find all the Pokémon that are out there if you just keep looking in the same place

Job search: Look for positions in other cities and even across industries

You'll never know what other job opportunities are out there if you just keep searching the same keywords and in the same industry. Expand your search – you'd be surprised how many skills are transferrable to other industries.

5. Draw them out

Pokémon Go: Use lures and incense to draw Pokémon to you

Sometimes pounding the pavement isn't enough – you need a way to attract nearby Pokémon. Well that's exactly what lures and incense are designed for – to draw Pokémon to your location.

Job search: Use keywords in your resume and cover letter to attract more employers

How can you get employers to seek you out? Keeping an updated resume, complete with sought-after keywords available online is an easy way to attract employers and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

6. Even if you're not actively hunting, you should be passively hunting

Pokémon Go: You never know when a legendary Pokémon will pop up

If you're connected to Wifi and a power source, there's no harm in keeping the app open. You never know what kind of Pokémon may show up.

Job search: You never know when a legendary job opportunity will pop up

Even if you already have a job, there's no harm in keeping your resume and professional profiles updated and perusing job listings from time to time. After all, you never know when that dream job may pop up.