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Workplace: navigate the challenges and culture at work

Real-life advice on communicating with your manager or coworkers and making it through your first day on the job.

Stand up to your boss

How to stand up for yourself at work and enjoy your job

CareerBuilder | January 12, 2021

Office politics are never easy, but avoiding them won't make them go away. Here are 5 suggestions to resolving any conflict and how to move past the issue.

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Employee feature Jay Smith header revised

How your coworkers can play a big role in your career

CareerBuilder | December 15, 2020

The relationships you build while working on projects impact your employment in positive ways.

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Employee feature Samir Shaikh

Why a supportive company is crucial to career success

CareerBuilder | December 1, 2020

Take advantage of every opportunity at work to learn something new

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Vacation schedule

Vacation coverage plan template - tracking ideas for PTO

CareerBuilder | November 30, 2020

How to accommodate your employees’ days off to avoid disruptions.

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Bad manners

Lack of manners in the workplace can have serious consequences for your future

CareerBuilder | November 27, 2020

Eight in 10 (85 percent) people say being courteous to coworkers has an impact on your career prospects.

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7 tips for running a meeting that people might actually enjoy

CareerBuilder | September 26, 2020

Most meetings aren't run efficiently or effectively; they're disorganized and boring — and people end up losing a lot of precious time that could be better spent elsewhere.

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negotiating salary

Do’s and don'ts for successfully negotiating your salary

CareerBuilder | August 28, 2020

DO get the highest salary you can, and DON'T forget to do your research.

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Difficult boss

Don't say that to your boss; say this instead

CareerBuilder | August 19, 2020

Don't speak before you think about what you're going to say.

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Professional man illustration.

Professionalism: An essential career skill

CareerBuilder | June 6, 2020

Open doors in your career with professional behavior on the job.

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Balancing kids with remote work

Balancing kids and work in quarantine: strategies from CareerBuilder employees

CareerBuilder | April 29, 2020

Being a parent is always hard, but we feel being a parent during a pandemic might be just a bit harder.

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