Jobs expected to grow the most over the next 5 years

Industries will continue adding jobs over the next five years (2016)

CareerBuilder is projecting a 5 percent growth in U.S. jobs between 2017 and 2022.

While it’s important to pursue a career you’re passionate about, in today’s job market savvy job seekers will pay attention to where the new jobs are coming from and focus their efforts accordingly. To that end, a new CareerBuilder study was released that can help you make the most of your search.

Based on extensive analysis of historical and current labor market trends, CareerBuilder is projecting a 5 percent growth in U.S. jobs between 2017 and 2022. While that number is encouraging, it is a net total, meaning that while 8,194,220 jobs will likely be added, 302,930 jobs will be lost.

Listen to CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson discuss how job growth will impact middle wage workers on CBS news.

It’s helpful for job seekers to know which jobs are expected to grow the fastest so they can pursue any of those occupations that may be a fit with their skills. And according to CareerBuilder’s findings, the five fastest growing jobs across wage categories are personal care aides (16 percent growth), home health aides (16 percent growth), web developers (15 percent growth), nurse practitioners (14 percent growth) and physical therapists (12 percent growth).

CareerBuilder also analyzed job trends by wage and found that around half (49 percent) of the 302,930 jobs expected to be lost in the next five years are middle wage. Middle wage jobs are defined as those that pay between $14.25 and $23.23 an hour. In comparison, high wage jobs—or those that pay $23.24 or more per hour—account for just 26 percent of jobs that will be lost.

Knowing that middle-wage job growth is predicted to decline, now is the time for workers in those industries to consider adopting new skills so that they can better prepare for the future workforce. If your company offers learning and development classes—or other forms of additional training—sign up! Completing certifications will also help boost your career trajectory.

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