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October brought back more than 600,000 jobs, notably in leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, retail, and construction, and we’re continuing to see stability in the financial services and insurance industries.

And since this month we’re celebrating Veterans Day and sharing more about the challenges this group of workers faces, it’s worth calling out that employment continued to improve last month. Even though the rate is almost double 2019 record-low numbers, veterans are more employed than other demographic groups.

Another notable stat: women are now officially less unemployed than men, which was the case pre-pandemic. While the gender gap in employment is closing, unemployment among non-white workers is only slowly ticking downward.

Employment by the numbers

  • Overall unemployment: 6.9 percent (decrease from last month)
  • Unemployment by demographic groups:
    • Women – 6.5 percent
    • Men – 6.7 percent
    • White workers – 6 percent
    • Asian workers – 7.6 percent
    • Hispanic workers – 8.8 percent
    • Black workers – 10.8 percent
  • Temporary layoffs decreased, but permanent job losses didn’t change much throughout the month, indicating those roles are having a harder time bouncing back.
  • The number of long-term unemployed (jobless for 27 weeks or more) increased to 3.6 million, accounting for 32.5 percent of total unemployed.

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