Inspired at work

Some people dread going into work. Not Chris Maury.

Sometimes you make your career decisions by what you want, like choosing to become a journalist or doctor. Other times, career decisions are made by external factors, like what the economy has to offer, what jobs are available where you live or a work schedule that fits your family commitments. Or, like Chris Maury, you find out that within five to 10 years, you'll be legally blind and unable to perform your current responsibilities. 

But instead of changing industries or making other concessions, Maury chose an innovative career route and founded Conversant Labs, a company that focuses on mobile app development for the visually impaired. When looking at the tools and resources he'd need to continue in his current role, he found a serious lack of technology for those with visual impairments.

"With vision loss and other disabilities, it's really not something you're aware of or familiar with unless you have it yourself, or know someone who has that disability. It's not something you're thinking about solving until then," Maury says. But when he chose to help change the industry and make technology more accessible to the visually impaired, he found a new passion that was capable of changing lives, including his own.  "Being able to work on a project that you're passionate about is really rewarding and it makes working much easier. It makes going into the office every day much easier."

What kind of challenges are you finding in your career? If you're not finding the resources needed to excel at what you want to do, it might be time to see how you can make an impact and start creating. It's time to get inspired at work.