How to stand out during your job search

Employers talked to CareerBuilder to give our job seekers tips on how to stand out in their job search efforts.

In this video, we sat down and talked to several different employers about what job seekers like you can do to improve your uniqueness during the job search. 

Of course, it's about tailoring and customizing your resume for each position you're applying for, but it's also know what you uniquely offer from your experiences that others cannot. What has made your experience unique to others with similar skills? 

Then, once you get to the interview process, don't be formulaic - be personable and professional. Practice your storytelling capabilities by describing how you've made use of your knowledge and skills to impact the business you've worked for thus far.

Spell out how the job you're applying for is part of your overall career path and how you plan to grow within the role.

Check out the available positions with some of the employers featured in this video:

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