Holiday season retail jobs are growing – plus companies hiring this week

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The latest U.S. employment data was released on October 2, 2020. Here’s a quick overview of the numbers – then check out the 1.3 million jobs available this week across industries, companies and roles.

Jobs report overview

  • Unemployment is now at 7.9 percent overall
  • Unemployment by demographic:
    • Men: 7.4 percent
    • Women: 7.7 percent
    • White workers: 7 percent
    • Asian workers: 8.9 percent
    • Hispanic workers: 10.3 percent
    • Black workers: 12.1 percent
  • Temporary layoffs decreased to 4.6 million (from 18.1 million in April but still higher than pre-pandemic levels)
  • Permanent job losses increased to 3.8 million (up by 2.5 million since February)
  • 22.7 percent teleworked, specifically due to the pandemic
  • 19.4 million people reported they did not work at all or worked fewer hours due to their employer closing or losing business

Retail jobs are opening up

While this holiday season might look a bit different than usual, stores are feeling more confident about in-person shopping and have started hiring for seasonal retail roles. Search for retail jobs here.

Top employers

These 10 companies are hiring for more than 88,000 jobs. They include:

  1. C.R. England jobs
  2. Amazon jobs
  3. DoorDash jobs

Top jobs

These job titles and roles are in high-demand right now:

  1. Truck driver jobs
  2. Registered nurse jobs
  3. Software developer jobs
  4. Retail sales jobs
  5. Retail supervisor jobs
  6. Customer service rep jobs
  7. Marketing manager jobs
  8. Personal care aide jobs
  9. Laborer jobs

Industries with open jobs

All of these industries have been growing recently, with financial and insurance services remaining steady throughout the pandemic:

  1. Administrative jobs
  2. Waste management jobs
  3. Retail jobs
  4. Healthcare jobs
  5. Transportation jobs
  6. Warehousing jobs
  7. Manufacturing jobs
  8. Food service jobs
  9. Finance jobs
  10. Insurance jobs